On July 20th and 21st of 2017, ECCLA held a retreat of Councils. The goals of the retreat:

  • ECCLA will work with Early Childhood Councils to define their core functions, regardless of current or projected funding, so we can clearly and succinctly communicate what Councils do and what impact they have on their communities.
  • ECCLA will work with Councils to identify supports and strategies needed to build Councils’ long-term capacity. It is our intention to ensure that Councils have enough resources and staff with adequate skills and capacity to implement their strategic plans and meet the needs of the communities they serve.
We're excited about all of this data and information we received. There is a lot of potential to help with funding, measuring Council impact, helping create a Technical Assistance Plan, and furthering the strategic goals of ECCLA and each of the Councils. Below are some tasks you can contribute to that will help further the goals of the retreat. As we get more feedback from you all, we will be sending out periodic updates to all of the Councils to help you remember and continue your participation.


9:30 am Janine Vanderburg (www.joiningvisionandaction.com) Change Management, Capacity Building, and ECCLA’s Road Ahead

1:30 pm Danielle Varda, Models of Network Leadership

3:00 pm Natalie Portman-Marsh, Developing Effective Partnerships with Funders

  • Developing Effective Partnership with your Funders_Natalie Portman Marsh.pdf (attached)
  • ECCLA Financing worksheet_NPM Consulting.pdf (attached)
  • ECCLA small group_NPM Consulting.pdf (attached)
  • Video of presentation, part 2

Interview of Kathleen Merritt, Bright Futures about mil-levy


8:45 am Kyle Ohl, Mindfulness and Self-Care 

10:00 am Nita Mosby Tyler, Equity in Network Leadership

  • Equity in Action_Nita Mosby Tyler.pptx (attached)

12:00 pm Community Stories of Policy and Advocacy Success - Panel Discussion (facilitated by Alison Friedman)

  • Womens Foundation CO Advocacy One Page.pdf (attached)
  • Video of panel
  • Advocacy Panel Outline.pdf (attached)

  Councils Participating:

Other documents (attached)

  • ECCLA Retreat Agenda FINAL.pdf
  • ECCLA Retreat Guide FINAL.pdf
  • Introduction Bingo Card.docx

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