Thank you for joining the Hot Topics call. If you were unable to make the meeting or want to review the information shared, please find the recording HERE.

Agenda and Summary:

  • Presentation: Early Childhood Apprenticeship Model, Julia Brink, Child Care Innovations/Triad Early Childhood Council
    • Julia Brink provided an overview of the Early Childhood Apprenticeship model currently being implemented by Child Care Innovations (attached). 
    • She can be contacted at or (303) 914-6274 if you would like to discuss further. 
  • Presentation: Early Care and Learning Resource Study, Jessica Ruch, Carsten Baumann, and Elly Miles, CDPHE
    • The CDPHE team gave an overview of Early Care and Learning Resource Study (attached). 
    • Councils initially supported the pilot phase of this project. A brief summary of the pilot survey is available (attached). 
    • The ask of Early Childhood Councils is:
      1. Promote child care survey (live on March 26) among local providers. $20 incentive for the provider is available. 
      2. Encourage directors/providers with experience with removals due to behavioral concerns to participate in a focus group. $50 incentive for the provider is available.
      3. Encourage providers ask parents to join a focus group. $50 incentive for the parent is available.
        • Use the ECLR Provider Flyer in your social media, newsletters, and other communications (attached).
        • Use the ECLR Newsletter and Social Media Blurbs for messaging and key language (attached).
    • As a reminder, to achieve a representative sample CDPHE will send a survey to select local child care providers. This survey will be anonymous. Your goal is to ask providers to check their inbox (spam included) and participate if they were selected. If they were not selected, but would like to provide their input to the survey, please contact Jessica Ruch, She will provide the subject line of the email later this week so you can share that information with providers. 
    • For Council participation, CDPHE is offering a $200 incentive gift card. 
  • Update: Kindergarten NOW! Coalition, Heather
    • The coalition has launched a new website: There you can find updates on sample language, fact sheets, etc. 
    • If your organization is interested in joining the coalition there is a sign up HERE
    • An email was sent to Councils by Heather on 3/18 with additional information. Periodic emails will be sent out with updates as they become available. 
  • Update: PDG, Strategic Plans and Needs Assessments, Heather
    • ECCLA confirmed with the QRIS Coordinators that Councils strategic plans and evaluations already submitted as part of your work were included in the initial PDG request. However, if you have additional documents you would like included please submit them here: Strategic Plans OR Needs Assessments
  • Update: Early Childhood Framework Website, Heather
    • Two new drawings are available to continue adding key information to the Framework Website. The incentives will be announced on the PQA meeting on April 12. You can register to listen/attend the meeting HERE
      1. The first drawing for $100 (3 awards) is open to any organization that registers and adds their programs. This can include your local community partners or if you have not registered yet.
      2. The second drawing for $300 (2 awards) is for Councils ONLY. When 3 organizations in a Council’s catchment area register and add their programs the Council will be entered into the drawing.
  • Reminder: CIT Due 4/15, Rick
    • Deadline approaching! The Fund tab is due 4/15 as well as to update the Partner, Aware, PD, and Entry.
    • If you are planning to attend the Network Leadership Training Academy on April 15-17, Rick has secured a discount code through March 25. There also a few scholarships available 50% off of $675 rate. Please Rick, to secure the discount code or with any questions.

  • Council Announcements, Updates, and/or Questions

The next Hot Topics call is April 1, 2019 at 11:00 am. 



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