Add a Funding Stream with Manual App & Requisitions

If you'd like to setup a custom funding stream, create manual Applications, and create manual Requisitions in Sugar, you can follow the steps below.

Note: If you'd like to enable an online application, integrated MOU, and custom calculating Requisitions, please email so that we can best understand your requirements and what, if any, additional cost will be incurred.

  • Create a Funding Stream Record in Sugar
    • Pick a Program Abbreviation that will work well for the naming conventions in Sugar, such as record names and PO numbers.
    • How much information you fill out on this is up to you, but we recommend you go through each tab other than Admin, and look through the fields when you create it.
    • If you are using Funding Streams to generate custom MOUs or Requisitions, please contact support so we can help you configure appropriately.
    • WARNING: Don't make the abbreviation the same as one of our existing custom applications (CSQI, SR, ITQA, CCAP)
  • Add an Application
  • Generate a Requisition
    • Select Generate Requisitions from the Actions on the App, and check Generate Preliminary Internal Coaching Requisition, and click save.
    • Generates the preliminary Req:
    • Click on the Requisition and select Update Preliminary Balance from the Actions menu.
      • Type in the hours in New Preliminary Balance and “See Coaching Contract” for Justification
      • Update assigned to field to yourself (Kelly) – Jill needs to be the assigned coach or have a secondary coach role on the Auraria account record to see it in ecConnect.
      • Click Save.
  • Upload the Manual MOU
    • Click Documents>Create Document
    • Choose File – find and select the signed manual agreement (Remember to use a naming convention for signed contracts such as program abbreviation, contract name, period, SIGNED), set status to Signed, category to MOU, and Assign to yourself. Hit Save.
    • Go back to the Application Record
    • Select Manual MOU Uploaded – Approve Requisitions…
    • Click on the MOU field to Select Document… start typing the naming convention and it will pop up, “AELC Coaching Contract 17-18 SIGNED”.
    • Click Save, this will approve the Requisition – and its ready to use!
  • Repeat as necessary for all participants

Bill created a video on how to generate a custom requisition here as well: