OEC received requests to configure the default requisition to Coaching instead of just QI.

We're happy to report that his new feature is now live! If you'd like to have any future applications default to Coaching Requisitions instead of QI, please follow the steps below.

Request Statement: Can a Council choose to make the default CSQI requisition coaching, instead of QI? If so, can the Council choose whether it's external or internal as the default?

Yes! Here's how:

1. Go to your Council's Funding Stream Record, and click on the Application Setup tab.

2. Scroll down until you see the Default Requisition Type field. This will have QI Dollars selected, but you can click to select Coaching

3. Click the Default Coaching Requisition Type and select either Internal Coaching or External Coaching

    *Don't forget to enter your coaching rate(s). The system will use the Estimated Internal Coaching Rate to convert the GAE QI Dollar award to coaching hours if Internal Coaching is selected, and External Coaching Rate if External Coaching is selected.

4. Click Save

You did it! Any future applications will now have a $0 QI Dollar Requisition and a Coaching Requisition equal to the total award (less indirect or training access % as indicated on the funding stream)

NOTE: If you need to convert existing QI Dollars to Coaching, you can do so using the Actions dropdown on the QI Dollar Requisition you're hoping to convert to Coaching, you need to wait until you send the MOU and the Requisition is in Approved status. This is to prevent issues with the GAE drawdown process. For more info: Colorado Shines QI Implementation Training 8/25/17