CSQI App Setup Confirmation Email Example

Below is a sample confirmation email that you will receive after completing Final Step (excerpted below) of the Configuring your CSQI Funding Stream instructions. Your OEC QRIS Coordinator and your Grant Lead will receive this email so that each party can quickly review and make sure everything looks correct.

Final Step: 

  • Go back to the Application Setup tab and update Application Ready for Release to Yes.
    • Once you select Yes, and it is 8/31 or later, the Application will be live in the Quality Incentives tab of Colorado Shines.
    • This will also send a confirmation email to the Grant Lead and the Program Officer with a quick summary of your settings.

Now you are ready to direct your target participants to complete their Colorado Shines QI applications using the Quality Incentives tab in the Colorado Shines portal! Note: Even though spending and coaching activities may not occur until 10/1, you can still review and approve Applications as they are submitted and Send the MOUs. Approved Requisitions will not be available in ecConnect until 10/1.

Subject: CSQI App Setup Confirmation – DTEST 

Congratulations on completing the setup of CSQI Funding Stream! The start date of this funding stream is 10/1/2017. Spending and coaching may not begin until after that date.

Quick summary of your budget and application configurations:

Sugar Link: CSQI - DTESTECC - 08/17/2017 - 09/01/2018

Program: CSQI


Grant Lead: Bill Bleakley

Program Officer: Bill Billington

Budget Info

QI Dollar Budget: 0.00

Internal Rate: 87.00

Internal Budget: $0.00 (Should be $0 unless you have extra coaching in your base budget.)

Projected Internal Hours: 0.00  (Should be 0 unless you have extra coaching in your base budget.)

External Rate: 0.00

External Budget: 0.00 (Should be $0 unless you have extra coaching in your base budget.)

Indirect Cost Recovery Rate Setting: Indirect Cost Rate should be deducted from funds awarded from a Parent Funding Stream

Indirect Rate: 0.03

CSQI Configuration

Application QI Preview Setting: Only show the Quality Incentives Message Text

Quality Incentives Message Text:
Your quality navigator or coach will reach out to you soon regarding your Colorado Shines Quality Incentives (Colorado Shines QI) application and award decision. All funding and services are dependent upon approval of your application and available Colorado Shines QI funding.

Allow Election of Additional Coaching Hours: Yes

Min Coaching Hours L2: 2

Min Coaching Hours L3-5: 5

Deduct Training Access Pass % from QI Award: No

Training Access Pass %: 0