What to do if an item is Returned or you need to record a Credit

In most cases, you can make adjustments to a Spending Record and related Spending Detail records during the preapproval stage so that you do not need to make adjustments once the Spending record is submitted for approval to finance. However, sometimes an item is returned after a Spending Record has been submitted to finance, and so a Return Spending Record needs to be created in the current financial period. You can also use the "Return" action to record an adjustment for a Spending Record from a prior period (although the approval workflows should prevent most if not all entry errors before finance marks the record as Reconciled).

How do you know if an item should be Returned?

Typically, a provider will let the QI Navigator know right away if there was a problem with any items that were shipped to them. When that happens, you can coordinate with the vendor and the provider site to make sure that the items can be returned, determine if there is any extra cost to returning an item (such as shipping or a fee), and help the provider setup a time for the vendor to collect the item. Once you've contacted the vendor, they should provide you with a credit memo to apply against the original invoice. The credit memo should use the same PO # as the PO # on the Spending Record in Sugar.

>>If you have a return that you need to reflect BEFORE submitting to finance:

  • Select the "Need to Make a Financial Correction" if the status is still "Ordered"
  • Make appropriate changes and hit save
  • You're done! This is a lot simpler if you can catch returns/adjustments before submitting to finance.

Select "Create a Return Spending Record (Copies this Spending Record & Spending Details)"

In order to update the Spending Record in Sugar to reflect a Return or Credit, you will need to look up the original Spending Record and complete the following steps:

1. Select "Create a Return Spending Record (Copies this Spending Record & Spending Details)"

  • You will be required to enter a "Reason for the Return" and the "Total Cost of Returned Items" on the original Spending Record
  • This Action will copy the Spending Record and Spending Details into a new Spending Record with the Status "Return Draft" and will include a link back to the Original Spending Record
  • This Action will also add the Return record to a Returns Subpanel right underneath the Spending Details Subpanel

2. Edit the Return Spending Record and Related Spending Details

  • The Return record is in the subpanel to the original Spending Record
  • Click on the return record - you will notice this is an exact copy of the original record, but negative.
  • You will need to make any changes to the Spending Detail records to match the total returned amount
    • You can delete Spending Detail Items that were not returned
    • You can edit Spending Detail Items that were returned (or needed corrections)
  • Once you're done editing the records, you can select the appropriate action to advance through finance review and reconciliation. Hint: If you are the finance person, you can move it straight Mark as Reconciled (Locked).

This topic is a little tricky - we're working on some plans to make this more friendly, and possibly update ecConnect so that these can be done within the portal. Please contact support@ecclacolorado.org for more assistance.