6. RMECC Registration 2017 (FAQ)

Q:  Does RMECC accept payment by check?

A:  No.

Q:  Are there any preferred payment options?

A:  Besides QI Funds, RMECC will accept Mastercard and Visa.  AMEX is NOT accepted.

Q: Will there be any flexibility on the fee for terminating registrations?

A: The normal fee to unregister is $50.00.  To discuss an extension email info@ecConference.com. It will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Q: How long does it take for a QIP Goal to sync between PDIS and ecConnect?

A: 48 hours during the business week.

Q: When does the Early Bird registration discount end?

A: Special Early Bird Rates — $225 for both days or $130 for one day (Friday or Saturday) with payment by credit card (Master Card or Visa) — available until January 31st.  Beginning February 1, registration prices go up to $300 for both days or $150 for one day.

Q: Can I use QI Dollars to pay my registration and hotel fee?

A: Yes.  If you have sufficient QI Dollars and your Council approval, you may submit a QI Request through ecConnect.

Q:  What are the QI payment options?

A:  Registrants approved by their Council may elect to pay with QI Dollars only if they have the budget and the available dollars.  If you registered intending to use a Requisition that is now depleted, please unregister, and/or pay by credit card.

Q:  OK, I've registered for RMECC through cVent.  I downloaded the invoice to my local drive.  I uploaded the invoice to ecConnect as part of a QI Dollars Request.  Now, how do I actually pay for the conference?

A:  Your Council will not pay unless you made a QI Dollars Request through ecConnect.  Contact your site director, who will pay the normal way your Council pays its accounts payable.  You may instead elect to pay with credit card at this time.  Unpaid registrants will not be able to attend the conference.

Q:  What if I have an outstanding balance the day of the conference?  May I attend? 

A:  No.  But if you use a credit card to pay your outstanding balance, you may attend.  Checks will not be accepted. 

Q:  Is there a registration deadline?

A:  Yes.  Only walk-in registrations will be allowed after March 5, 2017.