3.  RMECC Registration 2017 (ecConnect)

How to Upload RMECC Invoice to ecConnect

  1. Portal User, Log in to ecConnect at https://ecconnect.ecclacolorado.org/auth/login
  2. Click The Quality Improvement TAB
  3. Select Site
  4. Select Requisitions (should be QI Dollars)
  5. Click the green “Submit New QI Request” button.
  6. Wait for the loading animation to complete and then use the next screenshot for steps 7-10.
  7. Select QIP category: Workforce and Professional Development
  8. If no QIP Category, create a QIP Goal. Click HERE to for step-by-step instructions.
  9. Select “Direct to Training Provider” in the Payable To field
  10. Click on the blue “Professional Development +” button.
  11. If you are registering more than one person in this session, please click the Professional Development button once for each person you are registering. Or use the Add button.
  12. Fill in the Professional Development Request Items fields with the registrant’s name from the dropdown “Attendee” menu.
  13. Fill in the rest of the fields based on days attended. 
  14. One day (either Friday or Saturday) is $130.00.
  15. Both Days is $225.00.
  16. Use the screenshot below for the next form, ensuring 'Already Registered' is set to Yes.
  17. To upload your invoice, click on the blue “QI Additional Documentation +” button
  18. To upload your Proof of Registration, click on the “QI Proof of Registration/Attendance +” button.
  19. Write in a description in the Description Box.  Example: "Attending the Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference would allow our staff to train alongside and network with other providers, Councils, and Regulators."
  20. Type your name in the box titled "Please Type Your Name to Sign"
  21. Finally, click the green “Submit” button at the bottom right.
  22. Success message looks like this:

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