Recording Coaching Sessions through the Coaching Details Module


The Coaching Details module enables coaching staff and contracted coaches to record details (including budget information and contact hours) about coaching sessions.  Councils can then use these details to credit early learning programs (sites or providers) for coaching support sessions in each individual classroom, per the Colorado Shines guidelines.  Module functions can also track coaching activities attached to an internal or external coaching requisition specific to a funding stream. 


Key Features 

  • Relate a coaching record with a specific classroom (or all classrooms) and QIP goals 
  • Record coaching goals and next steps for coach and provider 
  • Track a coaching session through the various status steps until “Complete & Reconciled” 
  • Calculates real-time Remaining Coaching Hours based on assigned Requisitions once Coaching Detail Record is in “Scheduled” status

Record Coaching Details in Sugar

View coaching hours assigned to a particular site by Navigating to the site's Account Record and opening new browser tabs for the Coaching Details records appearing in the Requisitions subpanel under the site’s account record. Another way of saying this is Go to Sugar > Provider Account > Requisitions (PANEL). Requisitions are organized by funding stream – you can easily tell which provider and funding stream because the requisition name is the provider abbreviation followed by the program abbreviation and year followed by Internal Coaching or External Coaching. An example requisition is BILL RTTQI17 Internal Coaching.

You can reach out to your sites to start scheduling coaching meetings as soon as the requisition status is approved. 


  • If a requisition status is preliminary or wait listed, that site does not have a current program MOU in place and cannot receive coaching support through the particular funding stream. 
  • As of February, 2016, a coaching session no longer needs to be tied to a meeting.


To create a coaching session:


1.  Find the provider's account record.

2.  Scroll down to the Coaching Details sub-panel and click the .

3.  Complete the fields as follows in the main section: 


a. Click Status and select Draft when you are working on the record.


b. Click Requisitions and begin typing the abbreviation of the provider. Select the appropriate requisition for this coaching session. Make sure to select an Internal or External Coaching requisition and not a QI Dollars requisition.

c. Click QIP Category and the appropriate QIP category for the coaching session.

d. Click Scope and select Specific Classroom, Multiple Classrooms, Full Program, or Administration. If Specific Classroom is chosen, you must select the classroom in the next field.

e. If you chose Specific Classroom above, click Classroom – Type in the account abbreviation to see a list of all classrooms associated with that provider and pick one of the classrooms.

4. Scroll to the Coaching Details Section and fill out the date and time fields.

a. Click in the Start Date and choose the date.

b. Click in the time field and type or select a time.

c. Repeat for the End Date and time. When complete the fields will look similar to the diagram below.

d. The Prep/Follow up Time field will default to .25 hours (15 minutes), which can be changed.  Examples of prep time activities include: Setting up the meeting in Sugar; Mapping/Getting directions; Reviewing past coaching sessions in Sugar; Communicating with the program, QI Usage review, etc… 

d. When you save, the Total Billable Hours will calculate based on the Start Date, End Date, and Prep/Follow up Time. If you change the Status to either of the Canceled options, the Total Billable Hours will change to 0.

5. Input additional fields as follows:

a. Click Coaching Time Type and select one of the options. Most of the time this will be In-Person, however some longer phone calls warrant billable coaching time. Custom Trainingsfor a specific organization are also deducted from their coaching assets and could be noted in this field.

b. Click Billable Type and based on how your council has set up its relationship with coaches and providers, you would select the appropriate choice from the menu.  


  • Billable to Funder on Behalf of Provider is for a funding stream that supports a billable rate, like $100/hour.
  • FFS Billable Directly to Provider is purely fee for service and can be billed to the provider.
  • Nonbillable is when internal coach personnel are included in grant (this will likely be the default for most coaching activities in Sugar).
  • All DPP coaching logs must be Billable to Funder on behalf of Provider with a rate of $100. Coaches need to do that going forward for DPP ONLY.
  • Most CDHS grant logs used to be Nonbillable - Coach Personnel Included in Grant. Exceptions: 
    • Contracted coaches (like Clayton) should select Billable to Funder on behalf of Provider for ALL funding streams and input their hourly rate.
    • The correct setting for coaching paid by the GAE is "Billable to Funder on Behalf of Provider".

c. Click Coaching Type and select the type appropriate for this session.

d. Click Coaching Subtypes and select pick subtype(s) appropriate for this session.  

You can select out more than one subtype.

6. Type record notes in the following fields:

a. Coach/Provider Next Steps – Make sure you complete the next steps for both the coach and the provider.

b. Description – Type a summary description of what you did.

c.  Notes – It is important that any relevant notes are tracked in the Sugar system.

Example comment fields.


7. Click in Assessment and select the type of assessment.

When you select QRIS Readiness Assessment (Guide), you will see the fields appear where you can enter for the points in each domain. Enter the score and select the estimated Colorado Shines level for each domain.  If you did not complete an assessment during this coaching session, select Not Applicable.

Example QRIS Readiness Assessment fields populated.

8. Leave Observation Type blank or click and select the type. You will then need to fill out detail fields for the observations.

Example Observation Type of ECERS with fields populated.

9. When finished with the record, return to the Status field and select Complete and Reconciled.

10. Click Save.

Notes: If you make an error, or don't complete all the required fields, you will receive an error message and the fields you need to correct are in red.

After you save your record, the Coaching Details record will appear in the following places:

  • Provider's account record in the Coaching Details panel.

  • Requisition for the provider for this grant source (internal or external coaching) in the Coaching Details panel.

  • As a stand alone record when going to the Coaching Details module.