Project 3. ecConnect UI/UX Enhancements


1. Is there an estimate of how many users may be logging in to ecConnect via a mobile device?

We do know that coaches (about 130 users) use a small laptop or tablet to enter in Coaching information in the field, and the Quality Navigators (about 85, some are also coaches) may also access information from a small laptop or tablet. Additionally, those accessing the three systems, Colorado Shines QRIS, Colorado Shines PDIS, and ecConnect are comprised primarily of early childhood teachers/professionals (likely to wish to access via a mobile device)  and early childhood directors/owners (more likely to access via a laptop/desktop). 

Of note, we have done a lot of outreach regarding using a modern browser such as Google Chrome. We have much fewer tickets related to browser issues at this time.

2. The RFP indicates the desire to present top 2-3 idea boards to the Sugar User Group (200 users) for logo, brand guidelines, and sub-brands. Is the requester open to alternate approaches of engaging these stakeholders in the brand development process?

Yes, the requester is open to alternate approaches to engaging stakeholders in the brand development process. Please specify your proposed process and how it will allow us to successfully gain stakeholder buy-in and appropriately leverage their feedback to design an engaging brand/sub-brands.

3. Does the ecConnect portal need to be ADA compliant?

We are researching this question, but generally speaking we'd like for the portal to be inclusive and accessible. Because this is funded by governmental funds, there may be a requirement to make the portal ADA compliant.

4. Can Denver Early Childhood Council provide the translated content for the Spanish pages?

We do have bilingual staff who can assist in the translation process, but would prefer to have this included in the scope of work with the selected vendor.

5. Is Denver Early Childhood Council open to rebuilding ecConnect on a platform other than Laravel/Bootstrap?

Yes! We need that expertise on the maintenance/support side so that we can sustain the current system while we develop the new CMS/portal interface. Of course, it will be very important to integrate the portal with Sugar so that information from Sugar can be displayed, modified and saved in ecConnect, and that forms (such as the QI Request Form and Applications) can be completed and submitted to create new records or update existing records in Sugar from ecConnect.

It is possible that we will need to maintain some portions of the existing Laravel/Bootstrap setup that allows for ecConnect Applications to be presented in an iFrame on the Colorado Shines Early Learning Program Application portal. The Applications are presented to the logged in user once certain criteria is met in the Colorado Shines QRIS (Salesforce) system and the Early Learning Program has met minimum eligibility criteria. In order to check those fields, Sugar and Salesforce have a handshake that is triggered once the Colorado Shines QRIS logged in user hits the QI Incentives tab, as shown below:

The QI Incentives tab is actually an iFrame that is presenting the ecConnect portal. Specifically, ecConnect will only present the Applications that the Early Learning Program is eligible for and that are available to apply for or renew. It will then allow them to complete the application process within the iFrame and submit. During the application, ecConnect is collecting enough information to generate Quality Improvement Dollar and Coaching Hour Requisition records, which are calculated based on variables such as quality Level, number of classrooms, and mean CCCAP enrollment. Upon creation, a new Application record is generated in Sugar, and the status is tracked through submission. At that point, the Council can review the applications to determine if the Early Learning Program will be accepted in to the program, rejected, or waitlisted.

In looking at a few software options, it’s possible that the platform selected for the ecConnect Marketplace project could also support the portal dashboard (or at least provide tight integration), but we are open to whatever combination of software will achieve the usability/design goals and is most cost effective to implement and maintain over time.