Project 1. System Maintenance and Ongoing Support


1. In the intro paragraph, what kind of SQL database is being referred to as the sync database?

The sync database between ecConnect (Sugar) and Colorado Shines (Salesforce) is a mySQL database.

2. How are Tier 3 Tickets being defined (as opposed to Tier 1 or Tier 2 Tickets) and what is the typical volume/type of questions?

Tier 3 tickets are those tickets that can't be answered by ECCLA's Director of Data, Evaluation, and Membership Support or his team. Currently, Tier 3 tickets are handled by our developers and consist of major technical issues.

Tier 1 is the basic, questions such as password reset requests, which comprise most of our ticket volume. Tier 2 are the intermediate questions that require some research prior to answering and which could be referred to Tier 3, if needed. Please see attached files fora chart with this year's ticket data.

3. What is the current Service Level Agreement?

We use Freshdesk for our helpdesk ticketing system, and have the following definitions set as our SLA targets: