Evaluation Criteria

Proposals must include the following [elements] to achieve a uniform process and obtain the maximum degree of comparability. Proposals will be reviewed and scored against criteria to determine the best vendor for each project. 

- ecConnect Expansion Enhancements RFP, Proposal Format Section, page 11.

Each proposal will be evaluated based on the following criteria. This proposal will be evaluated by the leadership at the Denver Early Childhood Council with feedback and recommendations provided by the Sugar Advisory Group housed at the Early Childhood Council Leadership Alliance (ECCLA).

Proposal Format Required Sections - Each of the 6 required sections of the Proposal Format will be scored based on content and completeness with a score of 0-10 with 10 being the highest possible score (see table below). Bidders with an office location in Colorado are preferred (2 point bonus), but all qualified vendors are encouraged to apply.

Project Specific Requirements - This will be scored based on demonstrated ability to perform project requirements within proposed timelines. If a prospective vendor submits a proposal for more than one project area, each project will be evaluated separately.

Assessors will place the greatest weight on the approach that best delivers the project requirements.

Quality of Response
Strengths Relative to Requirements
Confidence in Proposed Approach
The proposal addresses the requirements completely, exhibits outstanding knowledge, creativity, innovation or other factors to justify this rating.
Meets requirements - numerous strengths in key areas.
Very High
8 or 9
The proposal addresses the
requirements completely and
addresses some elements of the requirements in an outstanding
Meets requirements - some strengths in key areas.
Minor - not in key areas
The proposal addresses most elements of the requirements.
Meets most requirements - minimal strengths provided in their response.
Moderate - does not outweigh strengths
The proposal meets some of the RFP requirements.
Meets some of the requirements with some clear strengths.
Exist in key areas - outweighs strengths
The proposal meets a few to none of the RFP requirements.
Meets a few to none of the requirements with few or no clear strengths.
Significant and numerous
No Confidence