Project 2: Data Quality & Evaluation Strategies


1) What is the specific role of the Data Playbook in this project? 

The Data Playbook is a free, informational resource that should be used as a model as we work towards the objectives of Project 2.

This statement in the introduction of the Data Playbook summarizes its purpose:

The Data Playbook is designed to help you make sense of the data you already have and to build upon it. In it, you will learn about what data you need; how best to collect it; how to analyze it to meet your needs; how to present it; and how to use it to inform your work and tell your story.

Additionally, The Data Playbook team just put on an informational webinar that is very helpful in explaining the methodology and origin of the tool:

The Data Playbook: Data Practices for Purpose-Driven Work.

2) What are examples of OEC's CSTAT reporting?

Examples of OEC's CSTAT reporting can be found here (search "CSTAT" on Support portal):

3) The need for additional capacity to report on "systems building" measures were specified in the RFP. Could you provide greater context or information about what “systems building” measures were envisioned in the context of the project?

The BUILD Initiative has some wonderful resources related to early childhood systems building, Part of this scope of work will be developing strategies for measuring systems building activities, outputs, and outcomes.

4) What are Quality Levels?

Colorado Shines Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS) is based on 5 Levels of quality. For more information, please visit and

5) Do you expect a successful bidder/vendor for the “Data Quality and Evaluation Strategies” piece of the project to have experience with PDIS or ecConnect?

No, a successful vendor will have experience and knowledge of program evaluation, quality data protocols, and stakeholder engagement. Experience and knowledge specific to the early childhood industry is a plus.

6) What outcomes are currently being tracked and measured? 

Outcomes are not yet consistently being tracked across all Early Childhood Councils. One goal of this RFP is to come up with targets/lead measures that all Early Childhood Councils can show progress towards as it relates to improving the quality of early care and education to ultimately improve school readiness for children. We have access to quality rating data, all licensed child care sites, early childhood professional data, quality investments data, coaching data, and professional development data. In the past, we've had some access to child outcome data through Teaching Strategies Gold, but that is not something that will be part of this project. We also have access to 3rd grade reading scores, and could potentially have access to additional data through the Colorado Department of Education upon request.