Who Interacts With This Role?

When in the Quality Improvement Process?

Colorado Shines Coach

·         Provides relationship-based coaching to increase quality in early learning programs in accordance with the Colorado Shines QRIS Coaching framework.

·         Coaches may also have expertise in a variety of other coaching initiative topics such as Pyramid Plus Approach, Expanding Quality for Infants and Toddlers, CLASS, child assessment, etc.

·         Providers interact with coaches to directly improve the quality in classrooms as well as the program as a whole.

·         Early Childhood Councils contract or employ coaches

·         CDE’s Statewide Coaching Network provides  credentialing, ongoing professional development and reflective practice support

After Level 2 is achieved and again at Level 3-5 application.

Childcare Resource and Referral (CCR&R)

CCR&Rs support providers on their quality journey through the dissemination of Colorado Shines information and the provision of training and technical assistance. Additionally, CCR&Rs help connect families with quality care through a statewide referral system.

·         Parents can call CCR&Rs for more information on childcare

·         Councils- CCR&R and the councils may be the same entity. If not, councils partner with CCR&Rs to provide information and support to local communities

Any stage in the quality process.

Early Childhood Councils

Serve as the quality improvement administrator for state, local, and federally funded quality improvement initiatives. Councils offer local training, direct support services, and an initial point of contact for local communities to receive support for Colorado Shines.

·         Providers will interact with councils to receive training, coaching, and quality improvement incentives.

·         Office of Early Childhood and Colorado Department of Education partners with ECC’s to share information at the local level

·         Early Childhood Stakeholders- anyone in the community interested or invested in Early Childhood.

All stages of the quality improvement process Level 1-5

Early Childhood Professional  Development Team (ECPD) at  Colorado Department of Education

The role of the ECPD Team is to implement Colorado’s Early Learning Professional Development System Plan in support of Colorado’s early childhood professionals.

·         Work collaboratively with stakeholders to align higher education, CDHS and CDE personnel rules, and professional development with Colorado’s EC Competencies for Educators and Administrators

·         Create professional development and credentialing systems aligned to the Competencies for Early Childhood Educators and Administrations

·         Validate and award Colorado’s EC Professional Credential

·         Develop and implement the Professional Development Information System (PDIS)

·         Establish a statewide coaching network.

·         With stakeholder support:

o   Review and award Trainer Credential

o   Review and approve Trainings

The ECPD Team develops and manages the PDIS, issues the Early Childhood Professional Credential 2.0 and collaborates with the Colorado Coaching Consortium to issue the Colorado Coaching Credential.


The ECPD Team provides important Colorado Shines QRIS data around completion of the Level 2 Modules delivered through the PDIS, credential levels issued to staff in programs going through Levels 3-5 of Colorado Shines QRIS, and credential status of Colorado Shines QRIS Coaches.

·         EC Professionals interact with ECPD team through the help desk support and regional contacts

·         Councils interact with the ECPD team to receive/provide training, technical assistance and support.

·         QRIS Specialist partner with ECPD for implementation of Colorado Shines

·         Early Childhood Stakeholders- anyone at the local, state and federal level invested in Early Childhood.

Level 2 for registration and modules


Level 3-5 registration, modules, Colorado EC Professional  Credential, Competencies Self-Assessment and PD Plan

Licensing Specialist, Office of Early Childhood

Licensing Specialists are taking on a new role in quality improvement, and collaboration with early childhood councils. Licensing will now play a critical role in evaluating levels 1 and 2 of Colorado Shines. Quality improvement will now begin with level 1 which requires a facility to have a license in good standing. At level 2, the Licensing Specialist will be completing a program assessment in only those child care centers not currently rated or accredited. The Licensing Specialist will be evaluating and approving all level 2 designations.

·         Providers interact with licensing specialists at Level 1 to maintain their childcare licensing and again at Level 2 for PDIS verification, self-assessment (home providers exempt) and quality improvement plan verification.

Level 1 and 2

Quality Rating and Improvement (QRIS) Specialist, Office of Early Childhood

The role of the QRIS Specialist team is to implement Colorado's Quality Rating and Improvement system that includes providing detailed information to Early Childhood Stakeholders to support local implementation. Additionally, this team will evaluate QRIS data trends, support the implementation of Quality Improvement funds and activities, and implement changes to policy and processes based on evaluation and data trends. This team manages the QRIS hotline in which technical questions and concerns can be addressed and supported.

·         Providers interact with QRIS Specialist team through the help desk support

·         Councils interact with the QRIS Specialist team to receive/provide training, technical assistance and support.

·         ECPD Team partners with QRIS Specialists for implementation of Colorado Shines

·         Early Childhood Stakeholders- anyone at the local, state and federal level invested in Early Childhood.

All stages of the quality improvement process Level 1-5

Quality Rating Specialists, Qualistar Colorado

Rating Specialists will review documentation, conduct onsite observations, provide rating orientation, offer technical assistance and Q&A.

·         Providers interact with raters when they are approaching their rating window.

·         Office of Early Childhood oversees the on-site rating process, partners with rating specialist to support scheduling, and processing any disputes.

·         Colorado Department of Education partners with our rating vendor to support work- force scoring of the Level 3-5 assessment


Levels 3-5