Provider - Reset Your ecConnect Password

Password Reset ecConnect


To reset a lost or forgotten password follow these steps.

1. Open Google Chrome – Note: steps are similar for other browsers, but the system is optimized for Google Chrome.

2. Go to

3. Click on the Forgot your password link. 

4. Ensure your browser address bar reads:  ‘auth/forgot/password’ at the end of the web address.  Then enter your email address in the highlighted box after ‘Email Address’ and click the blue  Submit button.

5. If you entered your email incorrectly, you will get an error message like this:

6. Correctly typed email addresses will get a success message like this:

7. Open your email and look for a message from ECCLA PORTAL entitles ‘Your password has been reset.’  Open the email and follow the instructions.

8. Open the email and Click the link to log in.  Use the password as your new password…

9. Once you log in this screen asks you to reset your password (to something that you can remember.  Note: Google Chrome will also offer to update this new password (if you have already saved it in the browser; OR it will offer to remember it (if you have not saved it to the browser).  Don’t save the password in the browser until you have reset it in ecConnect.

10. Finish by clicking the blue Reset button.