Convert Internal to External Coaching

Quick Steps

Internal or External Coaching Requisition 

  • Status: Waitlist/Preliminary choose Actions: Switch Between Internal and External Types
  • Status: Approved: Split Into two Coaching Requisitions

How to Video Requisition Status: Waitlist/Preliminary

How to Video Requisition Status: Approved


Councils employ Internal Coaches and contract External Coaches.  When a site's MOU is signed and Approved, Sugar updates the MOU Status field in the Applications module to 'Signed,' then automatically generates a Requisition for QI Dollars and one for Internal Coaching.  Since External Coaching Requisitions are not automatically generated, sites that use External Coaches will need to convert their Internal Coaching Hours to External.

If a coaching Requisition record's status is 'Preliminary' or 'Waitlisted,' that site does not have a current program MOU in place and cannot receive coaching support through that particular funding stream. The requisition should be in status 'Approved.'  Remember, the MOU's and Requisitions' status mirrors that of their related Application, but may not match exactly. For example, an Accepted Application will have a Signed MOU and Approved Requisitions.


Navigators, ensure that you perform this Conversion from the Requisition record itself, not from the Requisitions Panel in the Accounts Module.

It cannot be done from here

screenshot - Requisitions Panel in the Accounts Module


But can be done from here.

screenshot - Requisition itself


A. If the Requisition Status is Waitlisted or Preliminary:

1. Click Actions and choose Switch between Internal and External Coaching Types.

2. Click Save.

B. If the requisition is approved:

  1. Click Actions and choose Split into Two Coaching Requisitions.

  2. Enter the full remaining balance into the Hours to be transferred.

  3. Click New Assignment Type and choose External Coaching.
  4. If the new requisition should be assigned to a different coach, enter that coach's name in the Assign new requisition to field, otherwise you can leave it blank and the new requisition will be assigned to the same user.
  5. Type in a Transfer Justification.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Confirm that the assignment type, preliminary external coaching dollars, and name are all appropriately updated.

Note: Do not use mass the mass update tool to change the assignment type. The routes described above will migrate the preliminary balance from one budget category to the other but mass updating will not and it will make a mess of the Funding Stream rollups in a hurry.


Module: Requisitions

Actions: Switch Between Internal and External Types, Split Into Two Coaching Requisitions

Users: QI Navigators, Coaches

Funding Streams: OEC