Needs Proofing 

The RTT Amendment has now been populated in your Funding Streams.

Please read these notes so you don't send MOU amendments to the wrong providers, confuse them, or unintentionally tell folks they have money when they don't:

  • If they are a new provider for 2016-2017 and don’t have an agreement signed yet, do not send out the amendment, use the Send MOU Action when you are ready.
  • Make sure the provider has dollars or hours remaining and has already signed the first MOU from last year.
  • As usual make sure there are funds available in the Funding Stream record and you have entered the budget correctly (see this article). If you send out MOUs without funds you will get an insufficient funds message.

To send out an MOU amendment to a provider to carry over funds from the 15-16 to 16-17, do the following:

Open the provider’s current RTT application. The Status should be Accepted. The MOU should be populated with the name of the RTT QI MOU ending in 15-16. Select Actions and choose Send MOU Amendment.