2.6 Upload Manual MOUs (if needed)

Needs Proofing

All program MOUs do need to be attached to the appropriate application record. MOUs are automatically created through the funding stream record. The application setup tab determines the template used for the MOU as well as the order for MOU signing.

On the rare occasion that you have a MOU that is not signed electronically through the Funding Stream process, you can upload a signed and scanned MOU. Follow these steps.

1. Get a blank copy of the MOU by sending ticket to support@ecclacolorado.org and let us know which Funding Stream it relates to.

1. Find the appropriate applications record

a. Search by the Account, and then scroll down to the Applications subpanel and click the link of the correct Application – or –

b. Search in the Applications Module using the Provider’s abbreviation, which will be included in the Name of the Application.

Sugar Quick Tip – What’s in a Name?

The Name field for every Module is used as a hyperlink to promote easy navigation between related records (in Listviews, Reports, Subpanels, etc.). Names are often auto-calculated to contain important information helpful in identifying the content of that record (such as the program’s abbreviation for requisitions, spending, applications, and coaching records). The following records have the general formats:

  • Applications: Provider Abbreviation – Program Abbreviation – Year (MVCKP SR 2016)
  • MOUs: Application Name MOU

2. Once you find the application you can copy and paste the Application Name.


3. Open the Documents module in another tab in your browser. It might be in the More Items menu, click the down pointing white arrow to the left of the Search box, then open Documents in a new tab by right clicking on Documents, and then select Open link in new tab.

4. From the Documents menu, click the down arrow and choose Create Document.

5. Click in Document Name and paste the application name and type MOU.


6. In File Name, click Choose File, and upload the PDF of the manually signed MOU.

7. Click on Status and choose to Signed.

8. Click on Category and choose MOU.


9. Once complete, click Save

10. Now you’re ready to go back to the application in your first browser tab. Click on the MOU field, to select the MOU document you just added. You can start typing the name of the MOU, and then select.

 11. Click the Actions field and select Manual MOU Uploaded.


12. Click Save. The status should change to Accepted.