2.5 Processing Applications or Renewals in Sugar (Including Sending Program MOU, Waitlisting a Program, or Rejecting a Program)

Needs Proofing

Use your funding stream record as the control panel or window into everything that is going on with the grant. This record allows you to watch deadlines, see rubric points, show participation, and setup and track budgets.

To work on applications, open up the funding stream record and scroll down to the Applications panel.

This funding stream shows that there is one application that is accepted and signed.

This funding stream shows two applications that are submitted, two accepted, and one in process.

When you are ready to send an MOU, reject an application, put it on the waitlist or do other actions, do the following:

1.     1. Click on the Application Name to open and manage the application. 

2.       2. Manage the application by clicking Edit, then selecting one of the Actions depending on the Status of the application. The table below shows the Statuses and related Actions.


Select these Actions…


Send MOU

Manual MOU Uploaded – Approve Requisitions & Accept

Waitlist Requisitions and Application

Move Application to in Process

Remove Requisitions and Reject


Update Status to Submitted (for apps not hosted by ecConnect or CO Shines)

Send MOU

MOU Out For Signing

Check MOU Status

Waitlist Requisitions and Application

Cancel MOU

Cancel MOU Amendment


Forfeit Remaining Balances – Provider dropped out of program

Cancel MOU

Send MOU Amendment


           l3. Click Save.

  .       The Message from Sugar will give you hints on what is going on with the application. Below are some examples.

Hooray! [Name] just sent the MOU. The MOU is out for signing and no one has signed yet.

Waiting on [email address] since date. This will tell where the MOU is for signing.

Hooray! This application has been approved, and the Requisitions are ready to be used. The provider and/or QI Navigator can go into ecConnect and can start ordering.