Sugar User Group: 6/10/2016

Are you doing the spending outreach you need to (and recording it)?

Use these steps or download the attached spreadsheet.

These numbers are a quick check. You will need to double-check that you are contacting all eligible providers for each of the funding streams.

1. Run the SUG – Spending Outreach report. Write in your total outreach: ___________

2. Run Eligible Providers: CCCAP QI report. Write in your total: ___________

3. Run Eligible Providers: ITQA report. Write in your total: ___________

4. Run Eligible Providers: RTT QI report. Write in your total: ___________

5. Run Eligible Providers: SRQIP report. Write in your total: ___________

6. Total 2 through 5. Write the total here: ___________________

7. What is 1 divided by 6: ___________________

The closer you are to 100% the better. Over 100% is great too because outreach isn’t just spending outreach and you could be reaching out more than once for each funding stream (for example, post card and email). However, it could be less than 100% if you reach out for more than one funding stream at a time.

If your number is not near 100% and want to troubleshoot with us, email with your results and we can work with you.

You can also look at the other articles in this Step 1: Outreach to providers.

Here is the video of our meeting.

One of the responses had the following data:

We looked at this and observed the ITQA number. She should have recorded at least 279 outreach items in calls. There are probably some providers that don't have infant and toddlers so the number should be even higher. She sent out a reminder email. We're looking for good templates to post on this support site.