Preparation for the OEC QI Applications to go live on May 2nd  (will close on Friday, June 17th)

o OEC Application Questions – Final Version

o OEC Rubrics

§ CCAP QI Rubric -

§ SRQIP Rubric–

§ ITQA Rubric -  



§ These are still being finalized by the Spring Applications working group. The goal is to have a universal MOU for each grant, with the ability for each Council to send out a secondary customized document if needed.

o RTT QI & CCAP QI will be on a rolling application basis

o ITQA & SR will have an application/renewal window of May 2nd-June 17th at which time you will score the applicants against the program rubrics


· Funding Streams & Requisition Enhancements

o All RTT QI Funding Stream Record End Dates have been updated to reflect 06/30/2017.

o We will be populating all FY16-17 OEC Funding Stream Records in Sugar on your behalf based on this year’s records

§ Any Council that will be receiving new funding through the CCAP QI grant, please let us know and we can help get those set up as well

o New Development (Dev) in the Funding Stream & Requisition Modules

§ Exciting new improvements that are being vetted by OEC and the Sugar Advisory Group and in active development currently

§ Please ignore these new fields for now – the rollup calculations are not fully functional (will show on the call today)


· Year-end Close

o Invoice Dates on Spending Records should match your accounting system

o Requisition Expiration Dates – Any questions?

o Spending – any questions?

o Coaching – any questions?