QI Navigator and Coach Process

Below are the general steps a navigator and coach go through to contact providers to let them know about and apply for grant opportunities and to record activities to support the grant such as coaching and spending.The other articles after this one go through this process in more detail.

1. Complete outreach, education, and technical assistance to let programs know about QI (Quality Improvement) funding opportunities.


2. Program applies or renews through Colorado Shines/Salesforce (Quality Improvement - QI Incentives tab).


3. Council selects participants & sends MOUs through Sugar.

a) QI manager sends MOUs (Memorandums of Understanding) after review of renewals or applications that do not require being scored by a Rubric (e.g. Race to the Top - RTT).

b) QI manager convenes selection committee to review new applications that require being scored by a Rubric (e.g. SR (School Readiness), ITQA (Infant Toddlers Quality Assistance), CCCAP (Colorado Childcare Assistance Program).


4. The program's Primary Contact (field on form) and council Primary Contact sign MOU.


5. In Sugar, the QI manager makes grant requisitions active through the application status, and assigns the requisitions. The program’s QI navigator is the default assignment. All coaching requisitions need to be assigned to the coach responsible for delivering those coaching hours.


6. The coach reaches out to schedule first coaching visit (see First QRIS Coaching Visit Overview).

a) The coach begins L3-5 Coaching Readiness Assessment (select Assessment in Progress on Coaching Logs until you are ready to enter all scores for the Coaching Readiness Assessment). This will achieve the following:

a. Creates baseline QI data.

b. Supports the development of QIP goals (required for QI spending).

c. Sets a program year Colorado Shines level goal.

d. Sets a L3-5 application submission date goal (should be 60-90 days prior to goal rating month – see Qualistar Colorado Shines Rating Timeline).

b) Coach performs optional observation in one classroom of each age group if assessment cut scores are high enough (required for CCAP QI funded programs).


7. Navigator is notified when assessment is complete (which means that at least one QIP goal must be complete in Colorado Shines).


8. Program or QI navigator/coach can begin submitting quality improvement requests through the ecConnect portal (these requests will create spending/spending detail records in Sugar assigned to the QI navigator.

a) If program has an urgent QI purchase request related to getting ready for an upcoming rating, accreditation, licensing violation, etc…, the council can approve spending records before a coaching readiness assessment is complete as long as the coaching readiness assessment is in progress.


9. Manager approves orders as spending record and status is changed to ready for approval.


10. Finance approves orders as spending record status is changed to approved ready for finance review.



This diagram (also available as a PDF download with text at the bottom of this page) describes the full life cycle of administering a Quality Improvement grant using Sugar/ecConnect.

Primary Module: QI Navigator and Coach Process Overview

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Last Updated on: June 16, 2015