2.0 QI Applications, Funding Streams and MOUs Overview

The steps in the 2.0 section will walk you through setting up a Funding Stream, Processing Applications and Renewals, Sending MOUs, and the Requisition Process.

Councils are now required to inform 100% of licensed providers in their County about Quality Improvement related opportunities for which they can apply, and are required to report on the outreach activities quarterly.  These activities can easily recorded in Sugar, please see the Recording Outreach Activities Module Guide: 


The following are links to working with QI Applications, Funding Streams, and MOUs: 

2.1 Setting up the Funding Stream Record

2.2 Enter budget Info into the Funding Stream Record (optional, not required)

2.3 How to walk Early Learning Programs through the Colorado Shines Application and ecConnect QI Application (on the Colorado Shines Quality Improvement tab)

2.4 How to Score Applications Against a Rubric Question

For scoring notes on rubrics: Step 2.4 Notes on Scoring Rubric

2.5 Processing Applications or Renewals in Sugar (Including Sending Program MOU, Waitlisting a Program, or Rejecting a Program) 

2.6 Upload Manual MOUs if needed

The following are links to supplemental documents that provide additional information, but are not required unless you meet the specific requirements:

  • How to Customize MOUs & MOU Amendments (What to do if your Council doesn't use standard MOUs)
  • FYI - New Funding Stream Enhancements FY16-17 (Funding Stream updates for users prior to 2016)

  • RTT MOU Amendment for 15-16 funds carried over to 16-17 (If carry over RTT funds for Provider from last year, need amendment)

  • Primary Module: Funding Streams, Applications

    Related Modules: QRIS Applications, Requisitions

    Last Updated: November, 2016

    Please visit http://support.ecclacolorado.org/ and submit a Ticket if you still have questions