2.3 How to walk Early Learning Programs through the Colorado Shines Application and ecConnect QI Application

The ECCLA Support guide will show QI Navigators how to walk Early Learning Programs through the Colorado Shines and ecConnect QI Applications (on the Colorado Shines Quality Improvement tab).

You can view the video demo below that will walk you through , or on our YouTube Channel where will find other helpful video webinars on the using Sugar/ecConnect and Salesforce/Colorado Shines to administer QI dollars for your Council!

Colorado Shines Applications Process for Early Learning Programs

Apply for Funding

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Last Updated on: September 7, 2015

Councils are now required to inform 100% of licensed providers in their County about Quality Improvement related opportunities for which they can apply, and are required to report on the outreach activities quarterly. These activities can easily recorded in Sugar, please see the Recording Outreach Activities Module Guide at http://support.ecclacolorado.org/solution/articles/8000007750-recording-outreach

This Module Guide will review how to walk Early Learning Programs through the Colorado Shines Application and ecConnect QI Application (on the Colorado Shines Quality Improvement tab)

Colorado Shines Applications Process for Early Learning Programs

This section of the guide will show you how to walk Early Learning Programs through the Colorado Shines Application and ecConnect QI Application (on the Colorado Shines Quality Improvement tab). This section of the guide is from the perspective of the Early Learning Program logging in to the Colorado Shines portal, updating the profile information, and then applying for QI under the Quality Improvement tab. A QI Navigator has the ability to login to the back-end of Colorado Shines (Salesforce) and click “Go To Dashboard” on behalf of an Early Learning Program to help them navigate the Colorado Shines portal and QI applications.

1. Update the provider’s Colorado Shines profile from the Colorado Shines Provider site, and make sure the Director’s name and contact information is correct, and make any changes by clicking Edit under the Home tab. Make sure to save your work by clicking the Save button in the Edit screen.

2. Click the Application tab to Start or Continue working on the Provider’s QI application

3. The Application Status tab on the right panel of the page will track your progress for you as you move through the following tabs:

        a. Program Profile

        b. Children

        c. Workforce

To complete the PDIS Section, all of the program staff will have to register in PDIS. As of 9/16/15 anyone hoping to apply for any CDHS QI Program must have 100% of their staff registered in PDIS. If the Early Learning Program cross-walked into a Level 3 or higher, than the Level 2 PDIS modules are not required.

Once your staff is already registered in PDIS, click the Get Staff from PDIS button 

       d. Classrooms (and Sessions where applicable)

Classrooms work a bit differently than the other sections. There are step by step instructions for defining and adding classrooms (and sessions where applicable) on the Classrooms tab of the Application. 

IMPORTANT: The number of classrooms and ages served are often used to drive minimum QI and coaching allocations, so it is important this section is completed correctly.

       e. High Needs

4. You can click Save at the end of each section under each tab. It’s always advisable to save your work often!

5. Check the “complete & ready to submit” box at the top of each section of the QRIS Application once you are done with each tab.

6. Once you’ve completed all 5 sections of the applications (including Workforce), you can click the “✔️ Submit Application” (Unless you already submitted, then it will appear as "✔️ Re-Submit Application") button at the bottom of the Application Progress button in the right hand panel of the screen

Apply for Funding

Once your Application is complete, you can apply for funding!

1. Click the Quality Improvement Tab, and then QI Incentives: (It takes a moment to load this screen)

2. Once the screen loads, you will see a description of the services and resources available to providers. Once you’ve read through, check the box at the bottom to confirm that the information provides is current and correct, then click Renew or Apply.  You will also see the Programs and Program Descriptions, Requirements, and Deadlines for funding streams for which the provider is eligible.

3. It is important to read the text on the next screen that explains how to use the online funding application. Once you’ve read the screen, click Next & Save in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.


4. On the next screen, you will be able to apply or renew all funding applications by clicking Apply or Renew All at the top of the list

5. You will need to answer all of the questions in the application. Click Next & Save at the bottom of each page until you have completed each section of the Application.

6. When you get to the Site Profile tab, the Early Learning Program’s Primary Contact or Director will be pre-populated if available from Salesforce or Sugar. You have the opportunity to change it here as well, by clicking “I would like to choose a different primary contact.” If the information is correct, select “I confirm that the information below is current, complete, and accurate.

7. You can click Next and Save until you are done. Once you have completed the Application, check the boxes next to the applications you want to submit and click the Submit button.

Please submit a ticket on our support site if you have additional questions/