This guide will walk you through recording Outreach in Sugar.  You can watch the videos embedded below, or visit our YouTube Channel to watch this, and many other video webinars.

Part 1 – Create communications record

Part 2 – Mass email

Part 3 – Bulk email ticket


Councils are now required to inform 100% of licensed providers in their counties about quality improvement related opportunities, and are required to report on the outreach activities quarterly. These activities can easily be recorded in Sugar and this video and guide will walk you through the steps.

There are four types of communication you can record your outreach activities: 

· In Person Visit 
· Call 

· Email

o You can document an individual email to a single provider, or bulk emails to lists of providers.

· Letter

Recording Outreach

From within a provider's account record, scroll down to the Calls sub-panel and click the plus sign  to create a new record:

Enter information into the record about your call, email, visit, or letter:

Field Descriptions: The fields with an asterisk are required. Those without are not required. 

a. Subject: Make sure the subject is meaningful, like “Outreach for ITQA” for example

b. Status: In the first box, choose Outbound if you emailed or called providers, Inbound if they called you. In the second box, choose Contact Made if you were able to reach them or sent an email. For calls you also have choices of Left Voice Mail, Need to Call Back, or Planning Future Contact.

c. Contact Type: Chooose Call, In-Person Visit, Email, Letter, or Other.

d. Email Reminder Time: If you want to get a reminder for a future event, set the time here.

e. Related to:  Select the provider Account you contacted (or the first provider on the list if Bulk). If you entered the record from the account, this will automatically populate.

f. Duration: When you enter the Start Date/Time AND End Date/Time the system will populate the Duration. NOTE: Duration must be at least 15 minutes, so for emails or letters, you can just make that 15 minutes.

g. Unresponsive Account or Person: If the person did not want to take the call or did not seem interested, choose Yes.

h. Start/End Date: Enter the Start Date and Time and End Date and Time. This will default to the time you started the record.

i. Communication Purpose: This will be Spending Outreach for notification about quality improvement grants, Outreach to reach out to providers for general issues, various types of support, or other options.

j. Primary Funding Stream: Select the main program or funding stream the communication is about such as RTT, ITQA, CCAPQI, or SR. If there are more than two funding streams, choose All Applicable or if none, choose Not Applicable.

k. Secondary Communication Purpose: If you have more than one purpose for the call include the second reason here.

l. Secondary Funding Stream: If you have another funding stream, include it here.

m. Bulk Communication: If you are sending this to more than one provider, choose Yes.

n. Bulk Import Completed: Generally, leave this at No and ECCLA will change to Yes after the all records have been created for a bulk email.

o. Internal Notes: Add more details about the communication here. This could include the text in the email or details from the call.

p. Communication Summary for Funders: Include a specific summary for funders. This could include funding abbreviation (e.g. RTT), if second application, how many years been in grant.

To finish recording the call, email or other communication, click Save at either the top or bottom left corner of the screen.

Mass Email

ECCLA can turn in one Communication record into records for all of the mass emails you send.   Follow these steps to prepare your bulk emails list for import:  

1. In Reports, choose an existing email list from the following:

Eligible Providers: CCCAP QI

Eligible Providers: SRQIP 

Eligible Providers: RTT QI 

Eligible Providers: ITQA 

Active, Licensed Providers Primary & Director Email List 

You can also create your own report but you must include the Provider ID for the import to work

      2. From the “Run Report” dropdown box, click the down pointing triangle and click Export to send your list to Excel where you can clean it up and then copy and paste the email addresses into Outlook, Constant Contact, or any email client of your choosing.

2. Once in Excel, Make sure you remove duplicates of your email addresses before you use the list to send a mass email. (You will have a duplicate if you have the same primary contact for more than one site). 

Tip: In Excel, use Data, Remove Duplicates, Unselect All, select only one email column. 

3. If you are sending a mass email, copy the email addresses and then paste them in the Bcc area of an email so every provider doesn't get the entire list of emails. Some programs might require you to type semi-colons (;) between the email addresses. Type your subject, details, and click Send.

4. Save the Excel file and attach this to the email to ECCLA support ticket you create below.

Bulk Email Ticket

1. Follow the instructions for entering a manual email activity above. Then make sure you select Yes for the Bulk Communication field. 

2. Export the Excel spreadsheet with all of the account ID's and make sure the first account in the Excel spreadsheet is the provider on this communication entry.

3. At the bottom of the Sugar screen click 


or send an email to to ask ECCLA to import the rest of the email activity by sending the target list report you used and the sample email activity record you entered and the record of the first email. Include the highlighted information in the screenshot below provided:

4. Attach the Excel file that you exported above to this ticket or email.

Alternative Way into Calls - Use Communications Module

You can also access the Communications menu on the horizontal menu across the top.  



If you don’t see the Communications Menu across the top of your screen here:





Click the   to see the hidden menus:


Once in the Communications window, click the down pointing triangle and click on “Log Communication”


In your actual email to providers, some providers may not want their email shared with other providers so use BCC (blind carbon copy) option. 

To find your sample communication, click on Communications, View Communications 


Then filter by “Bulk Communication” = “Yes” and hit Search. You can then copy the name (which is a hyperlink) into your email to ECCLA Support.



Please submit a Ticket on our 
Support site if you have any questions.


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Last Updated on: July 3, 2016
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