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Family Resource Centers

Originally requested by Jessica Jones on 2/11/19: At our last ECCLA meeting, we had a brief discussion about Family Resource Center work that Councils are doing, but not all are a part of the Association. I'm wondering if you knew who those Councils were? I have some questions and would like to touch base with them.


  • Mesa County Partnership for Children and Families (Corina): Our council resides in our local Family Resource Center and we partner with them in a number of ways. Please let me know how I may help.
  • Promises for Children (Sherri Hannah-Ruh): There is no FRC in Weld County.
  • Rocky Mountain ECC (Stacy Petty): We have a representative from the FRC in Garfield County as a member of our Council. Unfortunately our other counties do not have FRC’s.
  • Pueblo Early Childhood Council (Angie): We have a great partnership with our FRC in Pueblo. Several of their staff are active members of our Council.
  • ECC Yuma, Washington, Kit Carson (Claudia): We have an FRC in each of our three counties and have FRC representation on our BOD. We are not collaborating on anything specific with FRC at this time. Please contact me if you have questions.
  • Custer County Kids Council (Kathy): There is no FRC in Custer County.
  • Alliance for Kids (Jackie): We too have a great partnership with our FRC; they are very active in our 2GO project and have an early literacy project with them. (the FRC is Catholic Charities).
  • Huerfano- Las Animas (HuLA) Counties Early Childhood Advisory Council (Jennifer): We have a FRC who serves both counties. They are a part of our Council and serves as a co-chair for Huerfano County.
  • Chaffee County ECC (Janine): There is no single FRC in Chaffee. However, we do have two Pregnancy Centers that function in a very helpful capacity with families of young children. They are very active with our Council.
  • Denver's ECC (Emily): We’re collaborating with our local FRC on our workforce innovation grant.
  • ECC Logan, Phillps, Sedgwick (Michelle): We have a Family Resource Center that is not part of the Association but looking to become part of it. I will be glad to answer any questions you have.
  • Montelores ECC (Vangi): Our FRC is a member of FRCA and they are also my fiscal sponsor.
  • Bright Futures (Kathleen): Bright Futures is an ECC and FRC for San Miguel and Ouray counties. Having these designations under one roof works very nicely in our rural area.
  • Elbert County ECC (Cathryn): Elbert County does not have/has never had an FRCA.
  • Douglas County ECC (Sandy): Douglas County doesn't have an FRC for early childhood but does have one for teenagers.
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