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Council Impact Tool Help

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View overview recording - Thank you Kimberly for helping create this video that is a beginner's guide to the tool. Start at 3:00 minutes after we got the file setup.

What is new on 1/3/2019?

Dashboard tab F10:F16 drop-down for you to input how complete each sheet is. You can choose which time period you've entered data. For example, Jul-Oct18 Done or Jul-Dec18 Done. If you are all complete, choose All Data Done. If you want to make a note regarding completion, you can add a note in the Notes column. (Thank you Bev for suggestion.)


Below are the deadlines for the Council Impact  Tool:


Est Time 
¼-1 hour
Jan 15, Apr 15, July 15
¼-1 hour
Jan 15, Apr 15, July 15
¼-1 hour
Jan 15, Apr 15, July 15
5 min
Jan 15, Apr 15, July 15
1-3 hours
Apr 15
½-1 hour
July 15
Final for All
2 hours
Sep 15 2019


1. Where did instructions go? The 17-18 version had them in the top rows. If you are in the online version of Excel, click Comments. The appear on the right side of your screen.

If you are in the desktop version of Excel, hover your cell pointer over the name of the field in row 1 or column A (if there is a red triangle in upper right-hand corner of the cell). The comment pops up.

2 What is Column D on Policy Tab (%Yes)? This is the percent of Councils who answered this question Yes. Note: Row 38 is % who answered Approved.

(Thank you Margaret for these first questions.)

Everyone -- Please feel free to send any more questions to and I will add them on this Help file to help others with this tool.

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