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Council Impact Tool Deadlines and Report from DEC

Here is a copy of what was sent by email to Councils on 12/17/2018

Councils: Below are the deadlines for the Council Impact  Tool:


Est Time 
¼-1 hour
Jan 15, Apr 15, July 15
¼-1 hour
Jan 15, Apr 15, July 15
¼-1 hour
Jan 15, Apr 15, July 15
5 min
Jan 15, Apr 15, July 15
1-3 hours
Apr 15
½-1 hour
July 15
Final for All
2 hours
Sep 15 2019

*Reminder: Definitions are on Instruct tab. 


The Data and Evaluation Committee (DEC) met on 12/14/2018 and reviewed your comments from the November 15th membership meeting. Below are the top strengths and challenges of the tool. Attached is a  longer list and what the committee will be working on. Please see if we’ve captured the major themes of the meeting or if you have any follow-up thoughts. Send any comments or questions to


Top strengths

  • Used for multiple reporting purposes (e.g. CDHS/OEC Evaluation report, annual report, grant reports). 


Top challenges and opportunities

  • Stories are missing from the data. Need to tie in with Web site and include impact stories of Councils. Note: DEC will work with Heather/Communication committee.
  • Training and support for those new to tool or those working to maximize efficiency. 


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