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Data and Evaluation Committee 10-13-2017

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10/13/2017 Minutes and Attachments

Click here to view, edit, and proof the minutes. 

Deadline for all tasks at proofing minutes 10/20. Note: Tasks sent in separate emails and also include in minutes.



Agenda for 10/13/2017 Meeting - Note will be moved to a separate location after minutes updated

 · Verify meeting time schedule - 2nd Friday at 9:00 am

· Overview of committee purpose, accountability, rules, etc. (see 2017-10-12 ECCLA Committee Roles, Descriptions, and Selection_DRAFT.docx– especially yellow highlights)

· Vote on Committee Chair (Heather Hawk)

· Board member recruitment (Kelly Shultz?)

· ecConnect status/new features (what to tell Councils – see 2017-09-28 Sharon Keiser Calling Sugar Super Users.docx)

· System Building Indicators (see REC_ECCLA_Systems_Building_Executive_Summary_Report_092017.pdf handed out at meeting)

   * Need a platform (Sugar vs. other)

   * Test of Google - evaluate what systems people use, how much data needed 

· Meeting evaluation data request (how to measure effectiveness of our meetings – use retreat document as example Retreat Evaluation Survey.docx)

· Membership meeting update (Heather, Margaret - see email chain)

· Rick updates see

Data for Grants: 2017-10-12 Rick Winter Support for Children's Oral Health.docx Logic Model: Short Version of Logic Model.docx
Early Childhood Data Sources and Reports ECLC Data Subcommittee 2017-10-13Systems Building Cost Modeling (in progress)

· Other

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