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Salesforce/Sugar Wish list Item

Hi there,
QI Navigators and Managers would like to add an item to the “wish list” for the second wave of development in Salesforce and Sugar.
Phone numbers are often formatted different across programs, with some phone numbers containing dashes between sets of numbers, some containing periods between sets of numbers, and some having ten numbers.  Can we format the phone number field in Salesforce (which would feed into Sugar) to automatically add dashes in between the first three, second three, and last four digits?
It's a small development request that would make a big difference in helping QI Navigators and Managers in viewing numbers, formatting/filtering reports, and keeping the system user-friendly.
Thank you!
Nicole Riehl | Director of Early Learning Strategy
Denver’s Early Childhood Council
3532 Franklin Street, Suite F
Denver, CO 80205
Direct: (720) 644-2562
Denver’s Early Childhood Council is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization, serving as Denver's early childhood hub leveraging resources, opportunities and connections to create a quality system that impacts the lives of children and their families.
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