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What does it mean when it say "insufficient resources to approve"?

Note: Need to change diagram to be more complete with accurate budget.

What does it mean when it say "insufficient resources to approve"?

Look at Requisitions before you send MOU.

Generally it means that you have requisitions that you've approved that have hit the limit of either coaching hours or QI Dollars. You can see what is going on by looking at the Funding Stream related to the application. 

In the example below there are $21,600 approved for providers.
The rollup of all of the approved application requisition is $50,400
So, there are $28,800 of application requisitions that have been approved past the amount.

How do I fix this? 

Verify that your Funding Stream amounts are correct. Especially:
  • QI Dollars Detail Tab - QI Dollars Reserved for Participants
  • Internal Coaching Detail Tab - Projected Internal Coaching Hours
  • External Coaching Detail Tab - Projected External Coaching Hours

Verify that the correct coaching Assignment Type is on the Requisition (note the default for requisitions is Internal Coaching so any External Coaching will need to be changed.

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