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Funding Stream Rubric Scoring and Family Child Care Quality Certificate

Soren Gall asks:

How are you using Family Child Care Quality Certificate in your scores? It puts family child care providers at a level 2.

Kelly Bowes replies:

It's a valid alternative pathway but I'm not sure it's worth subtracting 10 points since the quality level is not a 4. It's still in the emerging category. 

Nicole Riehl adds: 
I would consider this a crosswalk more than an alternative pathway in the truest sense of the term.  An alternative pathway should really be a means of a program arriving at high quality through a route other than Colorado Shines.  In this case, they only come in at Level 2 and would not deduct points for an alternative pathway.

Kelly continues:
I agree, Soren.  If you come across these in your scoring, I would not deduct 10 points and actually value their participation since it's an opportunity to invest in a lower quality site.

Rick, if this question comes up from other councils, I would suggest sharing similar guidance.


"For programs that have achieved a Colorado Shines rating via alternative pathway, 10 points will be deducted from the overall rubric score. The Council has the discretion to waive this deduction if the program is deemed to be in significant need of Quality Improvement funding."

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